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Easter Turkeys

February 22, 2016

Late last summer our turkey hens all disappeared together 28 days later they came out with chicks in tow. These unplanned turkeys would not be ready for Thanksgiving, thus we are offering an Easter Harvest of our heritage breed and raised local turkeys.

Easter Turkey? Yea!

Special Easter Harvest very limited quantity. Whole & fresh, pasture raised, non-certified Organic Turkey. Our birds retail for $10.00 a pound ($80-$140). We are currently taking deposits on turkeys 8 to 14 pounders. Our next harvest is days before Easter 2016. * This is a deposit.*

These Easter Turkeys will be harvested March 24th and 25th to be picked up Friday (3/25) or Saturday (3/36). These will sell out fast, don’t miss out!

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