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Spring 2016

April 23, 2016

Well after 2 full years on The Shyre we had our most exciting Spring yet.

They love to cuddly in pots whick double as hay mangers

They love to cuddly in pots whick double as hay mangers

Just weeks old these kids are so cute and fun.

Just weeks old these kids are so cute and fun.

Our dairy goats (Dwarf Nigerians) had kids in late January, February and early March. 3 Does had 10 kids. 3 are does that we will keep here on The Shyre. We now have 5 does. We really enjoy our fresh raw goat milk. In fact the milk feeds not only the farmers but the pigs and puppies as well. See goat milk is the only universal milk, it can be feed to any other animal even a bunny or squirrel. This has obvious benefits. When we have an animal that needs extra milk or protein be it a goat kid or a turkey hatching, we can feed it goat milk. We fattened our yearlings (year old pigs) with it when our farm had little else as extra. (February and March). A ruminates ability to turn grass into protein is “Awesome” and a foundation of the homesteads / American agrarian past alike. Also raw milk has probiotics and healthy enzymes that are killed in pasteurization of conventional milk.

We also had 12 piglets born by 2 sows.

Dasiy the sow with her piglets.

Dasiy the sow with her piglets.

Having never farrowed any sows Roni and I learned fast. The sows did great, they co-raised the 12 piglets. These American Guinea Hog piglets will all be sold once they reach weaner age.

After keeping these sows and 3 other yearlings for about a year it is time for them to move to another farm. We used them systemically to plow pasture into gardens for growing some annuals. We are still focused on pasture productivity but wanted some additional gardens for annuals. Now their work is done we will need to find them a suitable new home.

Additionally, our Dakota had a litter of 10 puppies.

Here Dakota has all 10 puppies nursing i a tripod.  appox. 4 weeks old

Here Dakota has all 10 puppies nursing in a tripod. appox. 4 weeks old

She is a second time mom who did great during her 12 hours of labour, 9pm to 9am that was along night. Roni and I have never helped a bitch whelp before so again we learned many things and fast. The puppies have been a delight and a royal pain all at once. We breed Dakota because Avalanche is so terrific. She and Aves are both 50/50 Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd. These are both Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) which have been breed of centuries to guard livestock. A good LGD is invaluable to a farm or homestead.

Our ewe Suri with lamb in the next few weeks (we hope). We have a turkey hen setting on a nest of 14 eggs. We also have pheasant and chicken eggs incubating. Busy time on the Shyre.

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  1. February 7, 2018 9:08 am

    This is a delightful post! I love all that life in one spot. 🙂 Also digging the info about making your own greenhouses. Thank you! Will have to stop by and see your farm stand when the season begins again.

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