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We offer homesteading workshops.

Our most popular workshop is our “Poultry Harvest”. Learn to take a chicken from pasture to the icy cooler. We do this 2 times a year.

Date: August 19th and 20th
Time: 10 am til 2 pm
Place: The Smithshyre
Costs: $100 and you get two 3-4 pound birds

Reserve your spot now! Space is limited.

After you order we will send you an email, to confirm which date you want and to answer any questions you may have.

cleaned and dress these birds are chill’in before they get bagged

Poultry Harvest Workshop Included: 4 hour of instruction from pasture to cooler: learn to cull, scald, pluck, behead, de-shank, eviscerate, chill, package, weight & bag. Also take home two 3 pound birds dressed and ready for your table (a $40 value).
Join Roni and Erin for a half day of harvesting chicken. We dispatch the birds in a humane way including a Final Flight and incense. Learn from professionals how to process a whole chicken, every step of the way. You will take home the birds you dressed (cleaned and eviscerate) with you when your done.