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Great Video, Thanks Kitsap Bank

February 6, 2016

As Edg3 FUND (a small business award) finalist this high production video was produced on our behalf. Our experience with Edg3 FUND was rewarding, exciting & disappointing. No regrets just a deeper commitment to our farm. Thanks Kitsap Bank.

Pre-Order chickens for 2016 NOW

January 18, 2016

The Smithshyre is changing the way we raise chickens this year, 2016. We are only going to grow chickens for those who pre-ordered them. We will have 2 harvest, not 5 as usual. A Spring and Fall harvest. Believe it or not it is time to order our chicks for 2016.

We are going to collect $10 deposits for our pasture raised chickens, in 2016.

The day old chicks will be ready in 8-9 weeks.

The day old chicks will be ready in 8-9 weeks.

We are streamlining our chicken production so we can grow more produce. We hope you all will find this system just as convenient as our old harvest system. Check out all the details on our pastured poultry page.

Heritage Barn Listing

October 20, 2015

The “Carlson Barn” on the “Old Foss Farm” @ “The Smithshyre” is officially listed by Washington State’s Department of Architecture and Historic Preservation as a Heritage Barn.

What does this mean for the barn, it has protected status. We are now eligible to apply for a grant to preserve the barn. We are very excited about this designation. Someday we hope to offer a multi-course farm to table dinner in our registered heritage barn.

Doors are open on the barn that means some work was getting done but not by Avalanche.

Doors are open on the barn that means some work was getting done but not by Avalanche.

Holiday Heritage Turkey Sold Out!

October 12, 2015

Update as of November 19th, we are no longer taking deposits

Whole, fresh, pasture raised, non-certified Organic Turkey.

We are no longer taking deposits, sorry. Our birds retail for $10.00 a pound. We currently (as of October 12th) are taking deposits on small turkeys 8 to 12 pounds ($80-$120). Our larger birds (12 to 18) are spoken for, sorry. Our next harvest is days before Thanksgiving 2015. Only about 10 birds left, don’t miss out on this seasonal traditional harvest. We breed these turkeys right here on the Shyre. They are loving raised for 30 weeks on fresh pasture.

Heritage Barn Application

October 9, 2015

We at The Smithshyre love the history we were blessed to buy into. We have applied to have our 1930’s barn register as a Heritage Barn. If we make the listing we will be eligible for a grant to preserve the barn. Here is part of the application.

The Carlson’s and later the Foss’ made important contributions to Kitsap Counties early settlement and agricultural heritage.

It was 1882, Frank Carlson of Sweden came to the New World for a better life. Once in the Seattle area, he found friends from the old world “The Johnson’s”; Andrew, Oscar and Clara. In 1883, Frank and Clara were married and started a 160 acre homestead. They planted many fruit trees which still bear substantial fruit today. Frank and his brother Alfred cleared land and built a one room cabin right away. They then started work on a proper home. It was a log hewn building 2 stories with 2 large rooms. They had 5 children by 1903.

In the 1930’s the dairy barn was built. It had 10 milking stanchions. Most of the barn seemed to be dedicated to a hay shed. The hay grapple fork, hood and rail system are still in place. The hay shed floor is made of large logs split and placed unevenly as if to promote ventilation via the floor. The dairy half has a floor of large milled 12 x 4s. When we took possession in 2013 there were several vintage milking stools still in the barn. By 1940 the Carlson’s had all moved on and the farm was rented out for $25 a month.

In 1915 Victor Foss married Hilma Sundberg, as a wedding present her grandfather bought them 40 acres from a lumber company near Poulsbo. They had 5 children by 1925, Russell was the second born, it was 1918. Victor became the communities favorite butcher and Russell helped his father often. They offered house call butchering.

Annie Jensen and Russell Foss got married in 1940 and moved into the “Old Carlson house” that was now empty. The place was in bad shape but rent was only $25. They fixed it up and by 1947 they had 4 children of their own. They were able to buy the house, barn and orchards with 40 acres from Mrs. Clara Carlson for $1,800 in 1942. Russell was exempted from the draft because their butchering service was so important to the community.

After the war in 1948 Foss and sons built a large slaughterhouse, “Foss Packing”. The business had an excellent reputation. By 1953 the county road on which the packing house was situated was formally named Foss Rd. N.E. The Foss’ ran cattle on their 40 acres and offered beef finishing services as well. The whole family worked at the packing house and it was a going concern until the late 1970’s. In the 1990’s the packing house became the Thomas Kemper Brewery, which is closed.

The “Old Carlson house” is a pile of weathered wood and other homesteading implements. Some 20 fruit trees still bear fruit and we love to share their story with guest and visitors. Roni and I bought 5 acres, the “Old Foss Farm” as locals call it, in December of 2013 from Nancy Foss (Russell and Annie Foss first born) to help pay for her assisted living.

Two Foss sons and their children remain on Foss land, each on five acres. Gordy Foss leases to us five adjacent acres. They all appreciated what we have done. We have returned vivacity and a fresh agricultural hue to the old farm. We have a pastured poultry business and a large market garden, we call it, “The Smithshyre”. We also keep Dwarf Nigerian dairy goats, American Guinea hogs, Narragansett turkeys and Finnish sheep. The Carlson’s and later the Foss’ made important contributions to Kitsap Counties early settlement and agricultural heritage. We are proud to continue this history.

Heritage barn from the NE

Heritage barn from the NE

Heritage barn from SW

Heritage barn from SW

Looking East from within the barns hay loft

Looking East from within the barns hayloft

Looking East from within the barns hayloft

Looking East from within the barns hayloft


October 9, 2015

Dear friends of the Shyre – you have done it!
We are finalist in the Kitsap Bank’s edg3 FUND! The next step will be a presentation event on Thursday, November 12th at The Kitsap Conference Center at Harborside, 100 Washington Avenue, Bremerton, WA.
Networking starts at 5:30. Presentations start at 6:15 with the winner announced at 8:15!
We’d love to have you there to cheer us on! And we know you’ll be cheering for us at home if you can’t make it.
Tickets are $10 and include Heavy Hors d’oeuvres and two drinks provided.
Business Attire requested.
We are incredibly excited! Now, time to get going on the presentation.
We love you all!!

Last Harvest of 2015 October 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th

September 17, 2015

This is it folks last chicken harvest for 2015. This is your last chance to get some premium pastured raised birds FRESH.

When: October 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Noon til 6pm
Where: The Smithshyre
Why: Last chance for premium fresh whole chicken

cleaned and dress these birds are chill'in before they get bagged

cleaned and dress these birds are chill’in before they get bagged

Edg3 FUND has started, Vote Now

September 17, 2015
Edg3 FUND 2015

Edg3 FUND 2015

Please Make Us Finialist!

Vote Today! or until the 30th <------- click the link, vote here! Edg3 FUND is a small business competition put on by Kitsap Bank. The award is $20,000 which we need to make capital intense improvements on "The Shyre". Right now, is the public voting period, which is open until September 30th. Only 2 days left to vote!

Please vote for us, The Smithshyre.

August Poultry Harvest Coming Soon

August 15, 2015

The forth batch of chickens are about 1 week from harvest

This chicken is enjoying fresh pasture.

This chicken is enjoying fresh pasture.

They are situated on pasture where they enjoy fresh forage and sun baths. Tall grasses, natural forage dominate this space. Their pen is 1500 square feet at this stage & is moved once a week. Ensuring your chickens are as natural, nutritious & delicious as possible.

Please do stop by the farm on the weekend of August 29th to September 1st for some fresh seasonal pastured raised organically feed chickens.

See Harvest Dates for more information about where, how and why.

See Pastured Poultry for more information about how we raise our birds and why we are sure you will be impressed.

Even in the hot sun our broilers enjoy the pasture.

Even in the hot sun our broilers enjoy the pasture.

Poultry Harvest Workshop | August 28th

August 14, 2015

Poultry Harvest Workshop

Learn to harvest poultry from pasture to cooler.

Be more self sufficient, grow your own meat, be resilient.

Join Us and take back your food system. Don’t eat factory raised chickens. Be sure your chicken dinner was raised humanly in tune with the environment.

When: August 28th from 10am to 2pm
Where: The Smithshyre