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July dates for Kiddie Playtime & Goat Yoga AND Gift Certificates.

We are excited to announce we will be using a new scheduling service for July sessions. This will allow for Gift Certificates! This button will bring you to our new scheduling site. Here, you can schedule a visit or purchase a gift certificate (just be sure to scroll down to the gift certificate section). We’re learning as we go, so please do send us an email if you experience any issues (thesmithshyre@gmail.com).

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June dates are released for Baby Goat Play Sessions and Saturday Goat Yoga!

Gift Certificates are now available: The Smithshyre

Kiddie Cuddles 2021 – Shake off your Covid blues and make some special new little friends. We’ve got 7 adorable baby goats. Sessions are one hour and cost $60 for up to 6 people. Reservations can be made via baby goat playtime .

Kitsap Goat Yoga 2021 – Back in session! One hour session with Amanda of Blackbird Yoga. Sessions will be limited to 10 persons/class. $35 / person. No children under 12 years of age. Please see Goat Yoga page for all the details. Saturday’s at 10am, noon and 2pm for June. Reservations can be made via Goat Yoga.

**Please note that refunds are not available for “no shows” or cancellations. Please check your schedule well before scheduling your visit. We do not like having to make this policy, but after so many “no shows” and strict rules from our payment system, we are trying to find the best path. Visits can be rescheduled or cancelled at the bottom of your confirmation email. A lot of effort goes into preparing for your visit and a visit is very difficult to rebook once it has been cancelled. Thank you for understanding.


Here’s a few bits of information to make your visit super easy. 

What to expect: The babies are now teething, which means some caution.  Never stick your finger in their mouth, they do have teeth.  They can also give you a dreadlock in your hair, so it is encouraged to tie up long hair.  They will also pull on shoe laces, flugel binders and pretty much anything they can get in their mouth. They can’t tear anything, but we still discourage them from doing this.  It’s easy to put your hand between them and their object of desire, you might have to do it a few times and if it ever gets to be too much, we encourage you to gently push the goat away from you and safely stand up.  They lose interest and will move on. 

Clothing: The barn is cool, dress appropriately.   If it’s been raining, the barn yard is probably wet and with some mud.  We’ve created a walkspace over the muddy spots, but just a heads up, don’t wear any shoes that you can’t get wet.  And for clothing, we recommend you do not wear light colors, as the babies are going to jump on you.  Hoodies or beanies are a good idea as they like to nibble on hair.

Directions: We are on Google maps, just type us in or use this link:  The Smithshyre 

Parking: there are 2 driveways here, please park at the large laurel and leave the driveway open.  We’ve been putting the “Goat Yoga Parking” sign out, so look for that. 

Restroom: there is a Randy Kan to the left of the laurel in the parking space. 

Children: No kiddos for Goat Yoga, but they are most welcome to the Kiddie Cuddle Sessions. We do ask that all children sit while holding a baby goat.  And please, do not let them chase the babies. The babies respond best to folks sitting so they can approach you.  A word of caution: We’ve noticed that children under the age of 3 are not all enjoying this experience. The babies are very energetic and can be overwhelming to a little person.  We can not refund a session once started, so please be thoughtful when bringing small children.  The kidds are especially energetic at the 10am and 5pm visits, I’d suggest not selecting these with small children. Children with exposure to large animals (like dogs) tend to do better.

Comfort: we have bales and yoga mats to sit on, if you would like something more comfy, please bring a blanket, towel or chair.  (not for yoga – we provide mats, so leave your pretty one at home).

Payment: all visit are now pre-paid due to number of no-shows.  Items at visit can be purchased with Cash, Venmo (@thesmithshyre) and  Paypal 

Pets: No pets please. 

Contact: Day of, if you can’t make your visit or need help getting here, call Roni @ 360-271-7896 or Erin @ 360-271-0679 (Monday & Friday visits). Please call if you will be late or not coming. So much effort goes into each visit and the kidds are waiting. We really appreciate your courtesy call.

Thank you so much for supporting us during this very exciting time.  We hope you enjoy your visit.   

We are also have other items for sale at sessions:

Goat earrings and necklaces by the lovley Ms. Anna Possinger. $10.

Deb Hodges blank greeting cards with various beautiful creatures of The Shyre – $5/each or 3 for $12.   

Erin and Roni Smith O’ the Shyre

PLEASE NOTE: We are only booking out one month at time, follow our Facebook page for announcements. PLEASE do not email or social media message for a wait list, it is all done through the scheduling system now.

baby goats, play with goats, playtime, cute, laugh, exciting

Kiddie play land & Yoga sessions are:

Monday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s: 10am and 5pm, Kiddie Playtime. $60 / 6 persons

Saturday’s: Goat Yoga: 10am, noon and 2pm. Playtime: 5pm.

Sunday’s: Playtime: 10am, noon, 2pm and 5pm.

Sessions are limited to one hour.

Smithshyre Mementos!

Goat earrings and necklaces by Anna -$10

Local artisan Anna Possinger is back with a line of earrings and necklaces to commemorate your visit. The necklaces come in different chain lengths, so be sure you check the back of the card for the size that best fits your needs. The earrings come in a variety of colored stones to complement your lifestyle.

Shyre Greeting Cards (Blank inside) – $5/e or $12 for 3 (can be mailed for postage fee)

We were incredibly lucky to have the lovely Deb Hodges create some beautiful cards of our creatures. These are individually wrapped and printed on frameable card stock. Supplies limited.

  • farm greeting cards
  • chicken cards, turkey cards

Now taking reservations on kidds!

baby goat cuddles, cute, dwarf nigerian

See our “goats for sale” page to learn more.

Seattle Area Goat Yoga 2020
Erin and Roni Heritage Barn in Background, Photo Credit Erinn J Hale

Here at The Smithshyre, we consider ourselves to be “An actually organic (non-certified) homestead”. We never use chemicals or altered seeds. Everything here is clean and pure, just the way nature intended.

Our mission started out simple – clean food. Disenfranchised by the current food system, we were basically vegans eating a small portion of chicken, turkey and eggs. Then the opportunity came along for us to learn about growing vegetables and we thought, why not proteins too? We started off with a few laying hens, then got brave with chickens and turkeys. Once we harvested them and realized we could actually make food that was healthy, humane and delicious, our path became clear – buy a farm and “be the change you seek”. “The Smithshyre” was born.

Seattle Area Goat Yoga Puget Sound
clutch of egg
Goat Yoga Puget Sound
Day Old Chicks on Pasture

All of our livestock are rotated throughout the farms pastures and orchards. Pasturing our livestock makes them, our land and you more healthy.

A pasture full of chickens.  Puget Sound Goat Yoga
A pasture full of chickens.
Goat Yoga Damms
Isengard & Lovebug Goat Yoga Damms (moms)

In the past few years, we have branched out to include Nigerian Dwarf Goats for milk. We make cheese, yogurt and ice cream to share with our friends and family. Someday, we hope to have a dairy to share with our community. Kidds are available for sale, typically at 8 weeks, depending on their size and weaning status. In an effort to keep the kidds happy and help socialize them, we’ve started Kitsap Goat Yoga! Yes, it is as fun as it sounds. To keep us in milk, we breed for “freshening” every 6 months, which means BABIES twice a year! Kidds are ready to do yoga shortly after birth and retire from the class when they are no longer interested in playing. See our Goat Yoga page for more information and a link to tickets.

Goat Yoga Mom & Kidds
Addie and her quintuplets! Very exciting as this only happens 1:10,000 births.

We also raise Finnish Landrace sheep or Finn sheep. Their fiber is very soft and likened to merino. We sheer 2x yearly and offer raw fleece for sale. Perfect for felting or spinning into yarn. Typically, we carry, white, dark and light rosegrey, brown and the every beloved, true black. See our “fiber for sale” page for more details or email Roni at thesmithshyre@gmail.com.

Puget Sound goat yoga

Puget Sound Goat Yoga
Puget Sound Goat Yoga
Puget Sound Goat Yoga

We keep 2 large gardens, over 1/4 acre of production and have 2 small orchards and a berry patch. We are in a continuous state of converting the property into a permaculture forest. These means there are rows of fruit trees being grown in various locations throughout the property.

Puget Sound Goat Yoga Kitsap
Puget Sound Goat Yoga Kitsap

The Smithshyre wants your family to enjoy local seasonal veggies, herbs, fruit and eggs. A source of food that you can feel good about. Where you know the animals live on pasture and forage naturally. Where you know the farm is actually organic and the animals all feed organically. Where you know the farm works in harmony with nature. The Smithshyre is your source for seasonal food. Products available at our farm stand, picked for order and Kitsap Fresh, your all local, online farmers market.

Toms near our old dairy barn circa 1930's . Puget Sound Goat Yoga Kitsap
Toms near our old dairy barn circa 1930’s

For your convenience we have a self serve farm-stand open daily during daylight hours. We have eggs and seasonal offerings all year.

Our address is
22119 Foss RD NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370
just off Bond Rd. right outside Poulsbo

Ready to package.  Puget Sound Goat Yoga Kitsap
Ready to package.

email us at thesmithshyre@gmail.com
phone 360.271.0679

Puget Sound Goat Yoga Kitsap Goat Yoga Winter 2020

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  1. So glad to know there is an alternative to supermarket produce and that you are close and local! Congratulations for all your very positive and progressive endeavor!

  2. Welcome, neighbors!

    I’ve stopped by several times for eggs and last night bought two chickens and will buy more to help make your new venture a success. I’m impressed by your energy, attitude and friendliness. The property seemed lonely for quite awhile – but no longer. You guys and the animals fill the space with positive vibes.

    We are cheering for your success. We live right down the road and could not be happier to see everything coming together. I’m looking forward to seeing all your plans come together this Fall. Say hi to Avalanche for us!

    The Wright Family

  3. Hi There, are all the Turkeys spoken for? Id love to have one if they are not all sold out.

  4. I’d send this via email but this is all I have. I keep forgetting to tell you but a few days back I was going by the farm late at night and there was a red car with its interior lights on. I took a chance, stopped and found it unlocked so I turned off the dome light. You might want to remind whoever owns the car to ck for all lights out to avoid a dead battery.

    I look forward to seeing the new goats!


  5. We also purchased an old farm last year that has an old barn that I would love to restore! The realtor gave us an approximate date of 1900 for the buildings, and since the ONLY nail used in it are for the siding, I believe that is pretty accurate. I am very interested in how you managed to ‘lift’ the sagging corner posts to place new footers under them. We have extensive damage to each post and will need to do that to keep our barn. Any advice you have for us is greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi Mary. We’re excited you want to restore your old barn!! It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it. For us, we needed to shore it up first, then remove the floors and see the damage below. We used pecker poles to replace the supports and bottle jacks to raise them up. The bottle jacks are surprisingly strong and could lift anything. We’d recommend doing as much of it yourself and keeping any old wood to use for other projects. Let me know if we can be of anymore help. It’s an incredibly exciting thing to do. BEST OF LUCK! And thanks for reaching out.

  6. Thank you for this link…I love following your homestead adventures on Facebook…I plan on coming to do your goat yoga when the weather is warmer…so far I have one friend who is interested also…hope you and your furry friends have a healthy and joyful new year

    1. Thank you Joanna and a Happy and Healthy New Year wish for you as well. We’re glad you enjoy what we share. We love what we’re doing and want to share it with those that are interested. I’m excited you’ll be coming to a yoga class, it’s just so much fun. All the laughter, makes me just so happy. And the kidds just love it. We’ve got a heater in the barn now, it’s not “hot yoga” but it’s pretty comfortable. Glad you found a buddy to take your picture when you’re getting loved on by the babies. Looking forward to meeting me. Be well.

  7. Hi ,
    This is Jayna Howald my friend and I were there a few months back and took a tour of your great place and you gave me the name of a man who will process and package our chickens for $5 why we run errands. I lost his contact info would u send me his number again please we are ready for a few chickens in our freezer but are still newbies and would prefer someone else help us.
    Thank again u so much it rained that day yogo was cancelled but my friend was here from Ca she said that was a highlight of hers seeing your place we homestead too here in Poulsbo, kind regards Jayna Howald

  8. I am just getting into raising Finn sheep and have two ewes. I am looking for a ram lamb to add to our flock. Do you have any from this years lambing season and if so are you interested in selling one?

    1. Hi Elias, we wether our rams at about 8-10 weeks after lambing early Feb. So we’d need to know about a request for a ram lamb in early Feb. Finn are wonderful creatures! I can connect you with another breeder in the Pullyaup area if you are still looking.

      1. Hi! We just moved to 3.5 acres in Rochester and are looking to start a small hobby farm (for fun, not profit) to include Nigerian Dwarf goats, ducks, chickens, and maybe some fiber animals. Do you have any Nigerian Dwarf doelings for sale? Also, we don’t think we want to keep any intact males on the property. Do you or anyone you know offer Nigerian Dwarf stud service? Also, perhaps a weird question, do you or anyone you know raise/sell Nigora goats? We thought we might try a combo milk/fiber small goat, and that seemed like a good bet. Thank you!

        1. Hi there Susan. We actually just had some babies this week, but they won’t be ready for about 8 weeks from now. I do not have adult does for sale at this time. I do not know anyone who breeds Nigoras, but they sound fun! There are a few folks who offer stud service with a recent bioscreen of the does to be bred. We have a breeding pen that is accessible by our driveway. You can email me at thesmithshyre@gmail.com for more information.
          Best of luck on your adventure!

  9. hey guys! im a tattooist that moved out here three years ago and love the country / gastronomy. trying to find a local source for cheese curds. im in bremerton and would love to come check you folks out if you’re up to having visitors (i wear a respirator and practice the social distancing of course). aloha!

  10. Erin – It’s Mark Richards. I would love to come and visit your farm. Carrie will be visiting a friend in Poulsbo on Saturday, September 26. Would it be okay if I hung out with you that day?

  11. Hi,
    My wife & I live in rural PO & we are looking to branch out from chickens (laying hens) to a few goats. I’m not currently interested in goats for food, mainly as foragers on our small 5 acre fledgling homestead. We’d love to speak with you and get your thoughts on the best way forward. Also, if we’re not raising the goats for food, does it make sense to raise and sell them as food for others or to just keep as pets.
    Joe & Megan

    1. Hello Joe and Megan,
      First off, congrats on 5 acres and entering the land of homesteading. If you’re plan is to ever eat the goats or sell them for food, I’d highly recommend starting off with a standard sized goat. I believe they will all be large enough to harvest before they are to old to be tasty. We raise dwarf Nigerians, a dairy breed. Sure, you could eat them, but they really grow pretty slow and would probably be not tasty when full sized. The tricky part about raising meat animals is getting them to a meat:bone ratio. This is why not many folks raise goat for meat around here, it’s just hard to get them maxed out without feeding them a ton. Sheep might be a good option for you if you do want to eat them. They are great foragers and grow quickly. Hope that helps! Take care and happy homesteading! Roni

  12. Hello Roni,

    We have just over an acre of land and have dedicated 150 ft x 200 ft, roughly 30,000 sq ft of pasture space. We are a small hobbyist homestead with chickens already that would like to have a few goats. We’re looking for weathered males as pets not looking for meat or milk.

    Your farm is 1 of a few in the area and we would love an opportunity to learn more about goats and purchasing from you. We’ve done a lot of research in order to get ready. Our pasture won’t be ready until spring as we still have a little work to do on the fencing, so not sure if your current batch will be around till then. We did plant a pasture mix specifically targeted for goats.

    We are looking for 3 in total. The email address on the goats for sale page is coming back as undeliverable.

    Thank you

    1. Hi David,
      Congratulation on homestead lifestyle! We do have 16 boys right now, most will be ready to go in 3 weeks. We’d love to have you out and you can meet them and see if they are a good fit for you. I’ll check the link on the page, so thank you for the heads up and sorry about that. Our email is thesmithshyre@gmail.com for future correspondence and to set up a visit time.
      Bee well,

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