Welcome to “The Smithshyre”

photo by Erinn J. Hale

Here at The Smithshyre, we consider ourselves to be “An actually organic (non-certified) homestead”. We never use chemicals or altered seeds. Everything here is clean and pure, just the way nature intended.

Our mission started out simple – clean food. Disenfranchised by the current food system, we were basically vegans eating a small portion of chicken, turkey and eggs. Then the opportunity came along for us to learn about growing vegetables and we thought, why not proteins too? We started off with a few laying hens, then got brave with chickens and turkeys. Once we harvested them and realized we could actually make food that was healthy, humane and delicious, our path became clear – buy a farm and “be the change you seek”. “The Smithshyre” was born.

All of our livestock are rotated throughout the farms pastures and orchards. Pasturing our livestock makes them, our land and you more healthy.

A pasture full of chickens.
A pasture full of chickens.

In the past few years, we have branched out to include Nigerian Dwarf Goats for milk. We make cheese, yogurt and ice cream to share with our friends and family. Someday, we hope to have a dairy to share with our community. Kidds are available for sale, typically at 8 weeks, depending on their size and weaning status.

We also have a flock of Finnish Landrace sheep that provide us with fiber and protein. We hope to offer 1/2 and 1/4 lambs (16 month hogget) in the Fall.

We keep 2 large gardens, over 1/4 acre of production and have 2 small orchards and a berry patch. We are in a continuous state of converting the property into a permaculture forest. These means there are rows of fruit trees being grown in various locations throughout the property.

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The Smithshyre wants your family to enjoy local seasonal veggies, herbs, fruit and eggs. A source of food that you can feel good about. Where you know the animals live on pasture and forage naturally. Where you know the farm is actually organic and the animals all feed organically. Where you know the farm works in harmony with nature. The Smithshyre is your source for seasonal food.

Toms near our old dairy barn circa 1930's
Toms near our old dairy barn circa 1930’s

For your convenience we have a self serve farm-stand open daily during daylight hours. We have eggs and seasonal offerings all year.

Our address is
22119 Foss RD NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370
just off Bond Rd. right outside Poulsbo

Ready to package.
Ready to package.

email us at thesmithshyre@gmail.com
phone 360.271.0679

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  1. So glad to know there is an alternative to supermarket produce and that you are close and local! Congratulations for all your very positive and progressive endeavor!

  2. Welcome, neighbors!

    I’ve stopped by several times for eggs and last night bought two chickens and will buy more to help make your new venture a success. I’m impressed by your energy, attitude and friendliness. The property seemed lonely for quite awhile – but no longer. You guys and the animals fill the space with positive vibes.

    We are cheering for your success. We live right down the road and could not be happier to see everything coming together. I’m looking forward to seeing all your plans come together this Fall. Say hi to Avalanche for us!

    The Wright Family

  3. I’d send this via email but this is all I have. I keep forgetting to tell you but a few days back I was going by the farm late at night and there was a red car with its interior lights on. I took a chance, stopped and found it unlocked so I turned off the dome light. You might want to remind whoever owns the car to ck for all lights out to avoid a dead battery.

    I look forward to seeing the new goats!


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