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Please consider donating to support the farm over the down season.

Winter is upon us and that means the slow time is here.  When the agritourism is going strong, the farm pays for itself, but during the cold & rainy season, savings only last so long and we really appreciate the help of our friends and supporters.

Feed has gone up dramatically this past year and I'm now paying about $600/week for feed and another $318/week for hay just to maintain.  This past year saw a lot of change here as I split with my long time partner of 13 years.  The majority of the year was extremely stressful, waiting to find out if I'd be forced to sell the farm.  "Luckily", I get to stay for the next 5 years before I'll be forced to sell it.  Now, I'm working to get caught up and back in control.  I'm so far behind in all the ways, but feeling hopeful and positive.  During the legal process, I intentionally did not breed the goats in case I had to sell them, which means I'm almost out of milk and without babies for folks to visit.  Six ladies have been bred now, due Feb 23rd (I'm soooo excited!!!) but it will be March before I'm back in full swing.   This has all lead me to a bit of a financial pinch.   I have exhausted my borrowing options, so I'm swallowing my pride and looking to the community for support.

There are several options to help me get through this time if you are able to help:

  • You can purchase gift certificates or schedule your visits now (babies come end of Feb!).
  • I'm also offering very special Mother / Baby visits during the first week of the kidds being born (Feb 24th-March 8th).  This is an incredibly special and fragile time, so visits are limited to 2 adults only (no children).  Please email me ( if you are interested for a scheduling link.  These visits are $100 for one hour and will be in the stall with the mom and her littles. You'll get to experience them learning to dance and suckle and see them in their purest, most natural state.
  • You can also purchase farm items from the online farm store: T shirts, stickers, yarn, soap, wool batting and roving - anything I have available.  (I'll post the link when it's ready).   I'm just learning about how I can ship items easily, so I appreciate your patience while this gets up and running.
  • You can also go straight to the sources where I spend out money.
    • Brad at Poulsbo Feed and Grain (Address971 NE Paulson Rd, Poulsbo, WA 98370 Phone: (360) 509-0595) has graciously agreed to take donations toward my weekly hay purchase.
    • You can put credit in "The Smithshyre" name at Bay Hay and Feed on Bainbridge.
    • Kitsap Credit Union (The Smithshyre, Roni Smith) will also take donations up to $18,000 per transaction.  Large donations need to be labeled as a gift, so if you are writing a check, please include "gift" in the memo.
  • I've also created a donations / tips option on Square.  You can purchase bags of feed, hay or donate money.  Donate to The Shyre
  • You can also mail a check to The Smithshyre 22119 Foss Rd NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370
  • I'm also in need of a 4 wheel drive pick up that can haul a load of hay.  I did purchase a real beater this year, but it just doesn't have the power needed to get around the yard in the mud.  So if you've got one sitting around, I'd be happy to give it a good ole farm life.

Everyday, I am immensely grateful to still be on this farm, taking care of these animals and following my path.  I've come to embrace the rain & cold and laugh through the muck (or else I'd just cry).  And I do cry a lot to, sometimes out of frustration for a situation out of my hands, but also for joy, knowing how lucky I am to be living this life.   I survive on hope and get through each day with loving support from some very special people and the love of the critters.  I do believe in the future of The Shyre and with the assistance of Jon Paul, a WSU Farm Resource Manager, I'm learning how to understand my farm better, make smart decisions, plan for my future here and create a business plan.  We're gonna make it, we just have to believe that.

"The harder the wind, the stronger the tree".  It's been a challenging year, but I'm still here, working my tail off and I'm so very excited for this new volume of my life.

Thank you for all the love and support,




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