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Here at The Shyre we operate on a shoe string. We were blessed to purchase an old homestead, which had many advantages. The well established pastures probably being paramount among them. But we also got great out buildings, left over fence post, plus much more.

Heritage barn from the NE

Buying an old homestead also had some liabilities.

All the buildings including the house had about 20 or 40 years of deferred maintenance. We have replaced roofs and laid new flooring, all DIY learning as we go. We have bootstrapped too much to mention here.
Bottom line we need more capital to finish this homestead rehab!
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We currently need 1/3 of the barns roof replaced. I would do it myself but it looks a bit too dangerous. The barn dates to 1930's and is a Heritage Registered Barn.

We have estimates from several area roofers, $6,000!

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