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We get a lot of questions about visiting the homestead. Many of the answers are in the pages, but I'll do my best to put them all in one place for you.

How do I schedule a session? Hit the "Book Now" button in the upper right hand of this page and scroll down to select your visit type, then follow the prompts to select your date and time.  Enter your payment information and complete your purchase.  Visits are at 10am, noon, 2pm and 5pm.  If you get a time other than that, you may have changed the time zone and do not have the right info.  Please contact me if your time is not correct.

How do I purchase a gift certificate?  Hit the "Book Now" button in the upper right hand of this page and scroll down past the visits to the "Gift Certificate" section.  Enter your payment information and complete your purchase.  You'll then be sent an digital certificate to print out to gift in person or you can forward via email.

How do we get there? It's as easy as asking Google. Just put "The Smithshyre" in your google browser box and select "Directions".

Where to I park? Parking in out front of the laurel hedge.  Please do not park or block the driveway.

What do I do when I get there?  There is a farm stand out by the parking area, this where we will meet.  If it's time for your appointment and you don't see me, walk to the farm gate or send me a text / call 360-271-7896. If you are early, just hold tight and I'll be with you at your appointment time.

Do you have a toilet? Yes, we rent a portable that also has a handwasher station to the left of the laurel hedge in the parking area.  There is also a hand wash station just outside of the barnyard for post visit.

Are sessions / classes inside or outside? Farm tours are outside, yoga and cuddle/playtime sessions are in our historic barn. Please dress for the weather and be prepared for wet or muddy areas of the barnyard.

Can I bring my dog? No. Our dogs are trained to protect our animals from predators and even though your dog may be small and adorable, our dogs will not welcome them. If you must bring your dog, you are welcome to let them out ON LEASE behind the laurel hedge, but please do not let them walk onto the driveway where our dogs will see them.
My grama has a new hip and needs a walker, can she still come to a cuddle session? Absolutely! Accommodations are made for mobile limitations, but we would like to know before hand so we can make arrangements based on your need. Please email us ( with your visit date and time and mobility need. We can also stack bales for those with new or sensitive backs, knees and hips.
Do you do birthday parties? Kind of...we can host a private group yoga of 12 for $400 an hour (plus WA State tax), additional persons are $35 (limit 16 persons). We do not allow for food or decorations. We have also hosted bachelorette parties, anniversaries, team building and other private events. These events do need to be scheduled separately via email (
Can you bring the animals to my house? Not at this time, we hope to offer petting zoos for parties and brush clearing in the future. We do not rent out our animals.
Do you sell gift certificates? Yep, follow the instructions as listed in the previous question, just scroll down past the classes to the gift certificates.
Are there any age limitations? Only for Goat Yoga & Mother & baby sessions.  Children must be 12 years of age or older to participate in Goat Yoga. All other sessions are appropriate for all ages.
What should I wear? Don't wear white or light colors, dirt stains. Be sure to tie up long hair and a hoodie or hat is a good idea. Be mindful of the season and dress appropriately, including your shoes.
Do you offer other experiences? We can. Lots of really fun things happen here! But we aren't really sure what interests folks, so you'll just have to ask us. You can use the contact us form or email us directly at with questions or ideas. We do not offer birthing experiences as they are very unpredictable. You might get lucky and be apart of one during your visit.
New and beginning farmer walkabouts We LOVE new farmers!! While we are not experts by any means, we have been doing this for awhile and have learned a few things. I'm happy to walk around and talk about what has and hasn't worked for us, show your our most valued tools and how we do things. We also love to talk about our animals and are very proud of their organic lifestyle. We offer walkabouts free of charge and schedule them via email. You can use the contact form or email me directly at  I do not do on farm consultations, as we said, we are not pro, just learning our way as we go.
Do you sell your animals? We do, but not for food.  We sell breeding animals and pets only. We also sell fertile hatching eggs while in season, including Delaware & Black Australorp all genetics from the Peninsula Breeders Group. Our hens are kept with their rooster year round to guarantee true genetics and fertility.
Do you sell your goat milk or goat cheese? We do not, we are not a certified dairy. If you are looking for local milk, check out Kitsap Fresh ( They carry a variety of local milks, including goat. They also offer locally grown goods, produce, baked goodies, meats and so much more! Most of our food is sold through Kitsap Fresh. They offer 7 pick up locations throughout Kitsap County and now offer home delivery. Ordering is weekly on Saturdays and Sundays and you select everything you want. Pick up is on Wednesdays, Deliveries on Thursdays. It's a really great service and supports local farms to keep them growing.
Do you sell your food? Some of it, but mainly over the summer when tomatoes, cucumbers and squash are abundant. Being a homestead, we try to preserve most of our food to get us through the Winter and into the next growing season. We do have a farm stand and will put out the stand when we have stuff like eggs, berries ect. I also make posts on Facebook and Instagram when we reload it, so follow us and favorite us so you don't miss the action.
How can I support your guys? Coming to an agritourism event helps so much! It pays for the animals feed, bedding and vet needs. It also helps me improve infrastructure to keep them and our crops safe. You can add a tip or donation to any purchase via the scheduler, the donation page (link to square site) or drop cash in our farm stand box. We also accept Paypal(

For anything I missed, please contact me via the contact form.

Thank you for supporting local farms and we hope to see you soon!


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