Our Path Here

The driveway leads you toward our mighty old cherry tree.

We were not born into agriculture, but chose this path after finding ourselves disenfranchised by the current food system.  The kale and chard tasted the same.  The carrots weren't "alive" with nutrition and our milk came in a box.  It was hard to find things that didn't travel to get to us or have a bunch of words on the package we didn't understand.  We needed a change....Then we saw this quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world".  Ok, but how...

It all happened like "synergy" and we use that word a lot now.  We had returned from a season of adventuring and a friend asked us to take over the caretaking of a plot of land he was growing food on.  He had a few chickens and a nice, garden.  Before we left for our adventure, he had shown us how to plant, care for and harvest the seasons delights.  I remember planting this teeny, tiny lettuce seed thinking, "how on Earth does this make food", the answer - MAGIC!  Yep, magic comes from a seed.  It can be so small and so hard to grab just one, but once it gets settled and has what it needs - you got it -> magic.  Just try not to drown all that magic with a ton of ranch.

We were hooked!   What else can we grow?!? And the eggs...magnificent! Bright gold, full of flavor - they actually made us feel great!  Not blah...  It wasn't long before we realized, nurturing the land and the creatures, nurtures us!  We truly are in a cycle.  Mainly vegetarians at that point, we missed chicken and turkey, so we got some of those and grew them out, harvested them and thought... everybody needs to eat like this.

So we decided we're gonna do this, let's find a farm.  It took a lot longer than we thought, but on December 23rd, 2013, we got the call, "come sign the papers".  We were shocked and excited and I was crying (I always cry for good stuff).   It took us about 3 months to remodel the house.  Took our a few walls, washed and painted every surface, new flooring, all in time for Spring.  We didn't waste any time getting chickens, turkeys, pigs and our most magnificent beast of them all, Avalanche.

We'll that's a pretty good beginning....I'll add more later.  Time to get outside and see some cuties and get dirty.  Bee well!

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