What is "agritourism"? It's an opportunity to reconnect with our roots and find love for the traditions that nourish us.  Visiting a farm feels good, it serves a void many of us did not realize was empty.  Up till about a hundred years ago, we humans lived with animals as part of our everyday lives.  Many of us now fill that void with "pets", dogs, cats, birds, iguanas... but it's just not quite the same as being on a farm.

Goat Yoga

At The Smithshyre, we invite you to reconnect with this special part of your soul.  We offer many ways to interact with animals and to learn about what we do here. There is a "homestead" mindset here, therefore, I don't grow for a farmers market and don't sell a whole lot of food at our farm stand, but grow food to sustain ourselves and our animals.

Farm tours

We offer one hour farm tours to learn about our practices, meet our critters and learn about living off the land.   We have Dwarf Nigerian goats for milk, Finnish Landrace Sheep for fiber & meat, heritage laying hens for eggs, Freedom Ranger Broilers for our table chickens and Narragansett turkeys for more variety of poultry. You'll also meet Beorn, the Livestock Guardian Dog, he's mainly retired, but loves to make new friends.  Ecco is the most recent addition, a Heinz 57 Cattledog, who's excellent at making sure the animals understand their boundaries.  And their little old man buddy Mojo, he's a long haired chihuahua who thinks he's a farm dog. We've also got 3 cats who love cuddles: Queen RebaTina (gray tabby), Olive (tortoise tabby) and Darthea Vadraas (black, long hair reclaimed feral). Our animals are used to people and love attention! Except the poultry, you're just a giant to them, don't worry, they aren't snuggly anyways.


OR maybe you want to skip all the other stuff and go straight for the stars of the show! The totally adorable baby goat kidds, we offer one hour Baby Goat Playtime / cuddle sessions with them for you and 5 friends.  Saturdays, are usually 3 sessions of Kitsap Goat Yoga, which is 45 minutes of gentle yoga, followed by 15 minutes of cuddles and selfies.  It's just what it sounds like, you do yoga and they entertain and distract you.  The yoga isn't serious (obviously ;), so anyone can do it or just hang out on your mat.  I don't allow human kids less than 12 in the classes, so if you have small children or would prefer to just hang out with the kidds, a cuddle visit is the perfect session for you. Schedule your visit below.

And Check out the scheduler for a lot more info on all the visits, please read this section before you book if you are planning to visit.

Unfortunately, farms aren't exactly the most wonderful place every time of the year.  This means I have periods of time when there is not money coming in.  I try to save for these periods, but it's never quite enough.  Buying gift certificates, booking in advance and purchasing items from the online farm store help us get through.  You can also make monetary donations and support our efforts at making this a magical place to make special friends and even more special memories.

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