Local food in these challenging times…

During this awkward time of “social distancing”, we are finding ourselves full of gratitude. Grateful for our health, our wonderful home and for truly being best friends. We are grateful that we have electricity, internet and that we can still enjoy our friends & family safely via speaker phone. Grateful we have created a homestead […]

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We believe animals to be sentient beings. They have feelings, thoughts, emotions, memories. Capable of expressing joy, love, sadness, loss and even frustration. They are intelligent and have impressive memories, especially if it results in food. The Shyre has been blessed with so many wonderful sentient beings that we feel they deserve their own bios. […]

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Starting this weekend, the Kidds will be performing their very own version of the beloved Nutcracker! They have been practicing all week to show you their moves. The story line might be a bit difficult to follow, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Classes are open for Saturday and Sunday. Walk-up spaces may be available […]

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