Baby Goat Visits & Yoga are back!

Gather up 6 folks and relax with some baby goats or get those yoga pants on and prepare for a work out. Either way, we’ve got you covered!….. in baby goats!

Baby goat visits are an hour long, can include up to 6 people and are $60. Sessions are 10am and 5pm most days of the week. Check availability and booked here.

Amanda from Black Bird Yoga has modified a routine that works very well with baby goats. You can follow all instruction for a work out, or be laxed, it’s up to you. Classes are an hour long and can host 6 individuals per class, $35/ person. Classes are Tuesday’s at 10am, Saturday’s at noon and 2pm, Sunday’s at noon. Check availability and sign up here.

baby goat
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