Bean Pole Raising

bean poles assembled

Yesterday we raised some bean pole tepees. Roni made a few that were done in reverse with a large branched tree limb sticking up and spreading out. As we took care of this task, which seemed simple but wasn’t, I couldn’t help but think of all the millions of people over the centuries that had done a similar task.

Think about it how many kingdoms and empires were based on the productivity of beans. The humble bean has be co-evolving with humans since Mesopotamia. The product of just a few seeds can feed many providing a protein rich meal without the need to follow herds around. Amazing to think about really.

Beer Break

We planted 3 variety; Bolita, Cherokee, and Soy. Bolita is a high yielding brown bean. Cherokee, a black bean, is said to have been carried on the “Trail of Tears”. We got them from Baker Creek Seeds.

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