Permaculture, Poly-culture and Dreaming of a Forest Farm.

Here at “The Smithshyre” we have many agricultural plans and just as many influences. The idea of a forest farm is not brand new, not by any means. “J. Russel Smith” wrote “Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture” in 1950. He documented forest agriculture all over the world including 1000 year old practices of harvesting acorns […]

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Portable Infrastructure “Salatin” Style

Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm is one of our inspirations. One of his main ideas is “Portable Infrastructure”. It is even a chapter in “Sheer Ecstasy of Lunatic Farming” one of his titles. Here at “The Smithshyre” we use “Salatin Style” floor-less pens that are 8ft x 8ft approximately. We move our pens two times […]

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Time to stock the freezer! Final 2014 harvest! September 19th to 23rd

Last harvest for the season, September 19th to the 23rd. Our first harvest of next year won’t be until mid to late May. We are encouraging people to plan for the winter and spring and stock their freezers now. In their heat-sealed bags, the bird stays super fresh for 6 months in the freezer, a […]

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