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Edg3 FUND has started, Vote Now

Edg3 FUND has started, Vote Now

Please Make Us Finialist!

Vote Today! or until the 30th <------- click the link, vote here! Edg3 FUND is a small business competition put on by Kitsap Bank. The award is $20,000 which we need to make capital intense improvements on "The Shyre". Right now, is the public voting period, which is open until September 30th. Only 2 days left to vote!

Please vote for us, The Smithshyre.

Kitsap Fresh

Introducing Kitsap Fresh

Do you want more delicious lettuce mid week – now you have a second chance at fresh, local produce every week. Kitsap Fresh is a new online marketplace connecting farm to table in a whole new way.…

Turkey Eggs

The first turkey eggs of the year, 2015.

We breed our own Narragansett heritage turkeys. This year we have 6 hens and a tom as breeding stock. Turkeys lay far fewer eggs then chickens so it is best to properly …

New Kids

The Smithshyre welcomed its first kids, 4 baby Dwarf Nigerians. We keep dairy goats for the milk; kids just happen, but my are they cute and fun. Minnie their mom did great and Roni helped with the whole delivery, all …

Farm Stand Open

We are happy to announce that The Smithshyre now has a farm stand open during daylight hours.

For now the only product available are eggs. They are non-certified organic & pasture raised, we use a soy free, corn free feed.…

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