Eggs are Back in the Farmstand!

We’ve got a whole new set of ladies!  These are heritage breeds from the Peninsula Poultry Breeders.  We’re super excited about these birds! Black Australorps, Cream Legbars, Seafoam eggers & Delawares.  We plan to start a breeding program later in the year and offer straight run chicks.  The palette of colors is quite lovely.  They are currently laying pullet eggs, which are smaller, but jam packed full of nutrition.  Some say they are the most nutritious eggs a bird will ever lay.   Look for the sign at the farm stand.  As always, organic Scratch and Peck feed and pasture.  Cash, Paypal and Venmo accepted, instructions in the farm stand. 

$6 a dozen – for a limited time!
Pastured Raised
Organic Fed

Our self serve farm stand is open all daylight hours.

organic eggs
New pallet of pullet eggs

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