What is “agritourism”? It’s an opportunity to reconnect with our roots and find love for the traditions that nourish us. Visiting a farm feels good, it serves a void many of us did not realize was empty. Up till about a hundred years ago, we humans lived with animals as part of our everyday lives. Many of us now fill that void with “pets”, dogs, cats, birds, iguanas… but it’s just not quite the same as being on a farm.

At The Smithshyre, we invite you to reconnect with this special part of your soul. We offer many ways to interact with animals and to learn about what we do here. We consider ourselves to be a “homestead”, therefore, we don’t grow for a farmers market and don’t sell a whole lot of food at our farm stand. We grow food to sustain ourselves and our animals.

We offer one hour farm tours to learn about our practices, meet our critters and learn about living off the land. We have Dwarf Nigerian goats for milk, Finnish Landrace Sheep for fiber & meat, heritage laying hens for our eggs, Freedom Ranger Broilers for our table chickens and Narragansett turkeys for more variety of poultry. You’ll also meet Beorn and Luba, our Livestock Guardian Dogs, they actually think you are here to see them. And their little buddy Mojo, he’s a long haired chihuahua who thinks he’s a farm dog. We’ve also got 3 cats who love cuddles: Queen RebaTina (gray tabby), Olive (tortoise tabby) and Darthea Vadraas (black, long hair reclaimed feral). Our animals are used to people and love attention! Except the poultry, you’re just a giant to them, don’t worry, they aren’t snuggly anyways.

OR maybe you want to skip all the other stuff and go straight for the stars of the show! The totally adorable baby goat kidds, we offer one hour sessions with them also. Saturdays, we hold 3 sessions of Kitsap Goat Yoga, where you’ll be guided by the lovely Amanda, who is a certified Yoga instructor. It’s just what it sounds like, you do yoga and they entertain and distract you. If you have small children or would prefer to just hang out with the kidds, a cuddle visit is the perfect session for you.

As Amanda likes to say, “whatever fills your cup”, we’ve got it. Schedule your visit below. Below the scheduler is a lot more info on Goat Yoga, please read this section before you book if you are planning to visit.

And just so you know, all monies made from agritourism interactions go directly to the farm. Animals require a lot of food and care and they get the best! Thank you for supporting our efforts at making this a special place where you’ll make special friends and even more special memories.

There’s a new saying going around, “money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy baby goats and that’s pretty much the same thing“. We couldn’t agree more and while we do sell our goats, it’s not an option for most people. But you can still buy them “happiness” via a gift certificate for a visit to the farm.

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Sessions are one hour long and cost $35 / person. Mats are provided.

Private sessions are available. $300 for 8 persons, with additional persons for $35 / each. Please email thesmithshyre@gmail.com with requested date and time. I will need to check with our Yoga instructor Amanda for her availability.

**Please note that refunds are not available for “no shows” or cancellations. Please check your schedule well before scheduling your visit.

Stay tuned for class announcements and “Like” Kitsap Goat Yoga on Facebook for the all the updates straight to your phone.

Have children under the age of 12 or not interested in the yoga class? Sign up for a Baby goat playtime. These are one hour sessions for $60 and allow for 6 family members.

Black Bird Yoga reservations Our yoga instructor Amanda, also teaches Aerial yoga and offers private lessons. She also has an offer for a $5 discount to her classes if you are a “Goat Yoga” attendee. Click the link to sign up for a class.

baby goats, goat yoga
Goat Yoga Guest Taking It All In

Why Goat Yoga?

Why not? Humans have lived in harmony with animals for 10,000 years. Animals have unique personalities and a life unfettered by experiences of humans. They live a simple life, where the necessities of food, water, safety and shelter are their only true concern. Love, affections and attention feed their souls, just like ours. When these needs are met, a goat is free to be truly happy, just being with them invites you into their sense of peaceful grounding. Their energy combined with human energy created while performing yoga creates a magical synergy of bliss, happiness, joy and any other synonyms you can think of that creates a “feeling or state of well-being and contentment”. It’s also beneficial to your mind by allowing you time to step outside of your daily life and into a place filled with laughter. Try not to giggle while a baby goat is nibbling on your ear lobe while you are stretching into your downward dog. It’s ok, you don’t have to get the pose right or even stay with it, this little love bug chose to give you some attention, feel free to return the favor (but please don’t nibble on it’s ear). Laughter is the best medicine, so why not laugh out loud and nourish your soul with a little goat love.

Classes are :

May Saturdays 10am, noon and 2pm.

Classes are limited to 10 persons and no children under 12 years of age please. (Waiver required).

Sessions are $35 / person and can be scheduled here.

Private events available. Inquiry by email at thesmithshyre@gmail.com


  • Parking
  • Restroom
  • Yoga Mats (we prefer you use ours)

Photos credit: The wonderful Mr. Logan Westom. Specializing in furry friend portraits.


What else should I know?

  • Yoga mats will be provided for you, please do not bring your own yoga mat.
  • Classes are limited to 10 people (during Covid Phase 2).
  • 45 minutes of Yoga instruction with a professional instructor.
  • There a short farm tour after class for those interested in life on “The Shyre” and to meet the rest of the zoo.
  • Children should be 12 years of age or older to participate.
  • You will have time with the goats after class to get your cuddle quotient and a second chance at any missed photo opts. 
  • Selfies during class are encouraged!  Cuteness doesn’t wait, so don’t miss that shot.  Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble for not paying attention to the teacher.  We’d love to see it too, so please tag “The Smithshyre” in all your social media happenings here. #kitsapgoatyoga is now also a hashtag.
  • Don’t wear white or something you would be upset with being stained.  Goats aren’t good at wiping their feet before they jump on your back or belly, they’re used to dirty toes.  Dress comfortably, bring a layer or two, the PNW weather is unpredictable and even if the class is in the barn, we cannot be assured it will be warm. 
  • Please tie any long hair up in a tight bun or something similar.   “Goat dreads” are a free service offered by our caprine friends. Yes, it’s cute while it’s happening, but it’s behavior we strongly discourage. So just gently remove your hair from their mouth and they’ll go on to the next thing that looks fun. Hoods are highly encouraged.
  • **Please note that refunds are not available for “no shows” or cancellations. Please check your schedule well before scheduling your visit. We do not like having to make this policy, but after so many “no shows” and strict rules from our payment system, we are trying to find the best path. Visits can be rescheduled or cancelled at the bottom of your confirmation email. A lot of effort goes into preparing for your visit and a visit is very difficult to rebook once it has been cancelled. Thank you for understanding.
Roni with Aileen, Rohan and Faerie Princess

Goat love is addictive. You may find yourself thinking about that little cutie you were cuddling at goat yoga while you should be finishing that report at work. You might even find yourself scheming about how to get your next goat lov’n fix. Just don’t lie to yourself or others; we knew this was going to happen. Luckily for your, the goats are actually good for you! And they love to cuddle as much as you do. And unlike other addictions, they truly do love you back.

Puget Sound Goat Yoga Kitsap
Aunt Jody sharing some goat love. Photo courtesy Erinn J. Hale

The Smithshyre – Poulsbo, Washington

Located approximately one hour from Seattle, we are easily accessible via one of 3 ferries (Kingston, Bainbridge Island, or Bremerton).  Just 5 minutes from SR 3 on Bond Road (SR 307).  

After your session, we encourage you to take in the wonders of our Scandinavian heritage town less than 5 miles from the farm.  Treat yourself to some homeade lefsa or freshly baked pastries at the world famous Sly’s Bakery, pamper yourself with some luxurious goat milk soap at E.D.I.T. or maybe enjoy some adult beverages at any of our 7 local breweries.   Anyway you spend your day in Poulsbo, it’s sure to be one you will always remember. 

Puget Sound Goat Yoga Kitsap Goat Yoga

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