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We are almost finished with our preservation and you wouldn't even believe how amazing it is!!! Whole-hearted "Thank You" to everyone who has helped us, supported us and encouraged us with this project. It was a very long and difficult journey, full of injuries and a few minor set backs. But as I sit here typing this, there are 6 brand new baby goats who were born in the barn this past week! (Nov. 2nd)

There was much more damage than we had anticipated and we ended up having to replace the entire floor and all the supports underneath them. Erin and I learned so many new skills and are eternally grateful to Mike Lambro and his wonderful crew who truly saved the barn, rebuilding it's foundations and securing it's structure. And Josh Johnson, who took his entire weekend to remove the old, cedar shingles and apply the new metal roof. There are still a few things to finish up like the South wall and roofing the hay hood, but those are on the short list.

Thank you again, can't wait to celebrate with you in 2021!


During & After:

The Smithshyre was awarded a Heritage Barn Initiative Grant!


We were awarded a Heritage Barn Initiative Grant. The Washington Historical Trust administers these grants on behalf of The Washington Dept. of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

We plan another event on the farm to celebrate the barn in 2020, date TBD.  Thank you for your support, with your help we will save a bit of our common agricultural homesteading history.

We did end up using credit to pay for quite a bit of the finishing work and still have the South Wall to side, so there is still time to contribute to our project if you are interested.  We'd greatly appreciate your support.

Go Fund Me: We have a "Go Fund Me" set up if you would like to donate here is the link.

Would you like to get involved? Contact us, thank you for the help. thesmithshyre@gmail.com or 360-271-0679

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