Turkey Hatchlings

Well the Smithshyre is very excited today! Our turkey eggs hatched, we have 30 cute and clumsy Narragansett heritage turkeys. We will grow these birds for your Thanksgiving feast. We are currently taking deposits on these birds, supply is limited, …

Deep Bedding

It is time to get some garden beds in the ground. We want to turn a weedy sodded area into our garden. Deep bedding, John Seymour style, seems like the perfect technique. First thing we did was delineate the beds …

Frozen Pizza

Baking is always a fun winter activity.

We love pizza and what is better then homemade crust, not much. We usually double our batches and freeze the extra pizza bases. On this night we tripled it, yep 6 pizza crusts. …

Kiwi Harvest

We were lucky enough to inherent an established old vine Kiwi. Kiwi however require 10 days below 40 degrees F to fully mature. Yes we may have waited a bit late but these are sweet ripe beauties.

There are

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