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Our community has been good to us, occasionally highlighting fun happenings we're involved in. Here's a collection, most recent info at the top.

October 2020: Guest writer Sally Zalac came to The Shyre to create a Farmer Profile for Kitsap Fresh. It's a wonderful article that really captures what it's like to visit our home.

Also Mid-Feb, 2020, we were on Spirit 105.3 with Erica. She's so sweet and bubbly, I was pretty nervous, but it was really fun. Check it out: Spirit 105.3

Mid-February, 2020. Austen and Meegan from "The Kitsap Sun" came out for an especially fun yoga class. I think my favorite part was watching Austin interact with the goats, even take a few selfies, "If I'm going to write about it, I should experience it", we couldn't agree more Austen. Thank you two so very much for the lovely article and the great pictures, you really captured the essence of goat yoga. Bah-Maste: Poulsbo farm brings goat yoga trend to Kitsap

Summer of 2019, we launched our Goat Yoga project. After the barn was completed, we stepped it up and they have been causing some excitement. In January 2020, Ken Parks joined us for a class and wrote this lovely article for the North Kitsap Herald "Poulsbo farm jumps in on the goat yoga craze"

In July of 2018, an amazing thing happened... Addie, our beloved herd queen, delivered quintuplets! That's 5 babies. It's a 1:10,000 chance. She takes her position of queen quite seriously. Being such a celebratory event, the Kitsap Daily News sent out a reporter, to document the day, but ended up writing a story about much more...article

In 2016, we applied again for the Kitsap Bank Edg3 Fund Competition. Here's our entry video. It was our second and final attempt. We didn't make the final round on this attempt but much to our surprise and honor, we were awarded the Kitsap Bank Community Edg3 Award! This time, we got a huge check! Seriously, the huge plastic check, who doesn't want to take that home? They thought it was an interesting request, but they indulged me. Again, another beautiful glass award from Lisa Stirrett. Click here to watch the video.

In 2015, we learned about an amazing opportunity to finance our dream of building a clean room to process our organic, pasture raised poultry. Our permit at the time only allowed us to sell whole birds, on ice within 48 hours of harvest. Having a clean room would have allowed us to sell our birds frozen or parted to the community and to restaurants. Erin and I got creative and made a little video to apply for the Kitsap Bank Edg3 Fund Competition with a $20,000 prize. Kitsap Bank also made a really fun video. We made it to the finals and presented on the big stage. It was very exciting! We didn't win the prize, but we met so many great people and took home a beautiful glass award that we hold very dear to our hearts.

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