Online Farm Stand

We have reopened our “online farm stand”. How does that work? It’s quite easy.

  • You order online from our website paying via PayPal or Credit Card.
  • The next day after 10:00 am your order will be ready for you in the farm stand with your name on it. (except for custom lamb harvest)

Chicken Eggs One Dozen $8 (limit 2 per household)

Pastured Raised Organically Fed

Deposit Custom Harvest Lamb $75

  • These are 13 month old (non-certified) organic, grass fed (hogget 12-18 months, ideal harvest for this breed) lambs and hanging weigh is approximately 60 to 80 pounds per animal. We are also offering 2 sides of mutton (older than 12 months). Selling halves, so 30-40 pounds take home. Each order will contain one leg, one rack, one shoulder roast, one short loin, one belly roast, 2 shanks, 2 or 3 pounds trim & tallow to render. Pricing varies based on preferences as listed below.
  • Feeling adventurous? Cut at home! Link to lamb cuts and other butcher information. Scroll down to page 284. Take home a full side or in primal cuts for $9 per pound . These will come UNwrapped and will be placed directly into your cooler for processing at home. Be sure you have a plan to wrap and freeze before you take it home.
  • Cut and wrap is available for $10 per pound hanging weight, plus an additional $1.50 a pound.
  • Harvest date are custom and can be between 4/1 to 5/15. This will take coordination as hanging time is required before butcher can occur.

Please email questions or inquires at thesmithshyre@gmail.com

lamb cuts
lamb cuts during butcher

Thank you for supporting The Smithshyre and local food at this time.

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