Finnish Landrace Sheep for Sale

The Smithshyre takes great pride in providing quality Finn sheep.  They have excellent fiber, are productive mothers and produce sturdy lambs. We believe animals are sentient beings with feelings, emotions and memories just the same as we do. They love, feel happiness and fear, just like we do. Each animal here is treated with love and respect, which is something we feel is essential to a happy life. If you agree, please proceed in filling out our "Inquiry Form" below.  If you do not agree, we are not the farm for you to purchase your animals from.

Please note:  We will not ship animals, they must be picked up on farm.

These are organic sheep.  Pastured with Scratch and Peck, organic, raw sheep feed, Modesto Mills organic alfalfa pellets and we use Molly's Herbal wormer.

Lambs (male and female; born March) and proven ewes are for sale.  We currently have one ram lamb who will be viable for breeding end of June (2022).  Please email for pricing.   The colors range from various browns, true black, rosegray and white.  We do also offer packages and periodic sale pricing as we are able to.  Note that Finnsheep lambs are best harvested at 18 months, which is considered "hogget", which is when they are at the highest meat/bone ratio.

All of our sheep come from registered lines, however, these animals are not papered.  If you have been studying Finn sheep, you might have found that there "were" 2 registries, Finnsheep Breeders Association (USA) and International Finnsheep Registry (international-now defunct).  We were unaware of this when we bought our sweet and wonderful ram Odin.  The 2 registries to not honor one another, thus our offspring are currently un-paperable.  But they are pure Finn.

Please note that a 50% deposit is required at time of reservation and is non-refundable. There will also be a weekly boarding fee of $15 per animal on deposit. There will be no "pro rata rates" and will be charged each 7 days after deposit is made and due at pick up. *This does not apply to folks who are waiting for weaning to be completed.

CURRENT AVAILALBITLY as of June 12, 2022:

Several proven ewes, various colors.  One lamb ram (black) who broke his band, born March, viable for breeding end of June.  Several lambs, males (wethered) and females; black or white.

Photos available by request (serious inquires only and after email contact) or can be seen on our social media pages.

Please fill out form below for inquiry and we'll be in touch.  **Please note, if you are from out of state, I will not respond to your form unless you put in there that you are aware you will have to travel to pick up these animals.**



Gloria and her siblings

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