Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale

The Smithshyre takes great pride in providing quality milk lines and well socialized Dwarf Nigerian Goats for your home. We believe animals are sentient beings with feelings, emotions and memories just the same as we do. They love, feel happiness and fear, just like we do. Each animal here is treated with love and respect, which is something we feel is essential to a happy life. If you agree, please proceed in filling out our "Inquiry Form" below.  If you do not agree, we are not the farm for you to purchase your goats from.

Please note:

  • I DO NOT SHIP GOATS, they must be picked up on farm.  So if you are NOT in WASHINGTON, please DO NOT fill out this form.  I get several requests a week from people all across America.  If you are not in Washington or nearby (ie Oregon), I will not respond to your request.

These are organic dairy goats. They are all ADGA Registerable (Tattooed). They will come disbud, CDT vaccinated (unless requested before week 4), herbal wormed (Molly's Herbal) and freshly hoof trimmed.

All goats will be sold at 4 months of age or older (unless otherwise noted).

Doelings range from $250-$350, Wethers $100, Bucklings $250 (must be reserved before 8 weeks of age).  I do also offer packages and periodic sale pricing for large herd purchases.

If you would like your goats registered, please provide your ADGA number on the form. If you intend to register for ADGA, please check that box and send your membership number as soon as you get it. Registration and transfer into your herd will occur within one week after pick up. You will be charged by ADGA, so be sure you load money onto your account to cover this fee.

Please note that a 50% deposit is required at time of reservation and is non-refundable. There will also be a weekly boarding fee of $15 per animal for goats on deposit. There will be no "pro rata rates" and will be charged each 7 days after deposit is made and due at pick up. *This does not apply to folks who are waiting for goats to reach their 4 month graduation.

I can not longer keep up with current availability or photos of who's available.  Please call for most up to date info.

Photos or FB live chats are available by request after inquiry form has been completed and accepted.  The kidds can also be seen on The Shyre social media pages (FB & Insta).  I also have does of various ages for sale ranging from; $250 - $350 each, they can be sold bred for additional fee.

Please fill out form below for inquiry.

I DO NOT SELL GOATS FOR MEAT, EVER.  I get a lot of calls about this and am very strict about this, these are well socialized creatures, treated with love and respect.

I DO NOT SELL GOATS OUT OF STATE; There is a lot of paperwork that goes along with this, vet certs ect.


Extreme Cuddle Puddle!

Baby Julian waiting for mom to finish her dinner

Smithshyre Goat Purchase Inquiry Form

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