Goat Milk Soap

Writing the descriptions of each soap was almost as exciting as making the soaps!! As huge Tolkien fans, our fragrances are selected to take you on a tour of Middle Earth. Ever wonder what Lord Elrond’s garden smells like? Or Gandalf’s beard? Well, wonder no more…we’ve got it! We do a pretty good job of not adding to much fragrance and even offer a fragrance free bar that actually smells really nice, just a bit of lanolin.
We love everything natural here, so we make our soaps as natural as possible. No weird ingredients, just love and clean stuff (our own organic fed, pastured goat milk and tallow. Other ingredients include: *coconut oil, *olive oil, *castor oil, lye and Brambleberry fragrance. (*USDA organic). SHAMPOO bars also contain *jojoba).

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