Farm Stand

Farm stand is now open all daylight hours with a reach in cooler for eggs and delicate produce. Look for the "Egg" sign to be out when we have supply.

Payment box is now left of the cooler. We also take Venmo (thesmithshyre) & Paypal ( Thank you!

Chicken Eggs $6 / Dozen - FOR A LIMITED TIME

organic eggs
New pallet of pullet eggs

Eggs are back in the farm stand. We hatched over 50 chicks late Summer and they have begun laying their pullet eggs. Smaller, but still same great nutrition. Organic whole seed feed and pastured.

Summer 2020 recap...

A tremendous bow of gratitude from us to everyone who visited our farm stand this season. You helped us through a tremendously difficult time and paid for our animals food all Summer long. We are so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you.

The summer months have gone by. It was a WONDERFUL year for the greenhouse. Abundance was the word as we harvested hundreds of pounds of delicious heirloom tomatoes. The cucumbers & peppers were also quite superb. I failed once again to grow eggplants and have accepted this as my destiny to never grow them.

Now we are headed into the cooler months and have a variety of greens ready to eat. It's a tricky think, the farm stand. I've harvested so much kale, collards, chard, beets, basil, herbs - but they just don't sell quick enough in the farm stand. I wonder why this is... I love to eat fresh, so do the animals, so I end up composting items that are in the farm stand for a few days. It makes it difficult to gauge what to put out there and how to get it to folks. This is one reason we sell through Kitsap Fresh. It isn't harvested until someone has ordered it.

If you'd like to order food from us, please email us at with "food order" or something similar in the header. Include what you'd like and when you'd like to pick it up. No orders on Mondays or Fridays please (unless we've agreed via phone call). I'll keep posting what is available on our Facebook page.

Here's a list of pricing and typical offerings, but availability will vary, so please check the FB or email questions.

  • Kale $3/ 6 leaves - 7 amazing different options, we make it a mix, unless you do not like curly (which is my favorite and I don't want to give you if you don't like it 🙂
  • Rainbow Chard $3 / 1/2 #
  • Collard greens $3 / 6 leaves (I might throw in more if they are smaller)
  • Beets 2 /3$ - Chioggia, bulls blood, golden - variety options
  • Celeriac / kohlrabi / rutabaga - $3/each
  • Sunchokes $4/#
  • Salsify, scorzonera, Blauer radish, parsley root, Daikon radish, parsnips $2/each
  • Peas: snow, snap & shellers: $3 / 8 oz
  • Herbs: can do in a mixed small pack -what ever is available for $3 or a large serving of the individual herb for $3. Availability varies during the season, so be sure to check before ordering.
    • Greek oregano, golden and green marjoram, chives, summer savory, rosemary, thyme, parsley, lavender, purple sage, green celery leaves

Thank you for supporting "The Smithshyre" and local food!

Remember "you vote with your wallet, your dollar bill - your ballot".

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