Turkeys 2020

The holiday season is quickly upon us and we are getting requests for our organic, heirloom, pasture-raised turkeys. Unfortunately, we did not hatch out eggs for Thanksgiving, but let our ladies naturally nest, which lead to a Mid-Summer hatch. The good news is, we will have turkeys available for Easter, but not Thanksgiving this year.

We will start taking reservations and deposits for Easter birds in March 2021 and Thanksgiving birds in August 2021.

Our birds are heirloom Narragansett variety which we have been raising since 2013. We’ve had a couple of Toms, the last two are Blue 1&2 (“You’re my boy Blue!”). Narragansett were the gold standard turkey until the end of WWII when it was decided that Americans needed larger birds to feed their larger families. This is when the Beltsville Broad-breasted Bronze was created.

Since then, the Narragansett has fallen in numbers and is on the “WATCH” list for the Livestock Conservancy Organization. These birds were brought to America by the Europeans in the 1600’s. They have a very interesting history, which you can read about here. We love heirloom varieties of everything and recently invested in a new layer flock of heirloom chickens. Ah, the days before technology starting making everything “better”.

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