Winter 2017

This winter we have some ambitious plans.

We have 2 greenhouses (high tunnels) we need to build. The smaller high tunnel is almost finished. We only need to put the greenhouse film on the 20 ft. by 20 ft.

We will use this greenhouse for propagation seedling starts and permaculture.

The large high tunnel is 30 ft. by 48 ft. These season extenders should help us grow more and better food for you!

bend galvanised tubes and parts of the large green house [/caption]

We also need to lay 700 ft of polyflex pipe and install 6 frost free yard hydrants. Right now we have a maze of garden hoses to feed both plants and animals. The hoses freeze in the Winter. This is a real pain.

6 yard hydrants waiting to be installed

Additionally, we need to finish up in our 4 main paddocks with better fencing and loafing sheds. Also, we have need to fence off several area of permaculture to protect it from the goats and sheep. 600 feet of fencing. Of course we have all the usual homestead task every Winter provides.

Thanks for staying in touch.

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