Smithshyre Fiber! Organic, Finnsheep wool

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Our fiber is now available exclusively at The Artful Ewe in lovely Port Gamble. Just a brief drive from the farm in a wonderful village of artisans, Heidi Dascher purveys a fabulous haberdashery of all things fiber. Looking for yarn, roving or crafted wares, The Artful Ewe has it and it’s all lusciously (seriously, you’re going to want to touch everything). PLUS, there are some beautiful and well mannered whippets to meet. Walking through the door is like walking into history, the way an artisan store would be in the days of ole or in a rustic, Italian village. It’s cozy and beautiful and you just don’t want to leave.
Our roving is available in white, brown, black and gray. It is sold by the ounce or bump at $6 / ounce. I’ve been lucky enough to feel it when it’s been home spun and knit and it really is so wonderful.
So take a trip to Port Gamble, give yourself lots of time. Plan to get lunch & coffee, maybe dinner & cocktails and most importantly, shop.

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